World congress of Arts for Muhammad (PBUH)

Human civilization has significantly transformed since the prophet hood of Muhammad (pbuh) and the emergence of Islam as a religion for all ethnicities to promote love, peace and freedom as well as creativity in all aspects of human sciences. In fact, the Islamic civilization presented a new world enshrined with wisdom, revelation and art, the latest of which is clearly depicted in Islamic culture and lifestyle. Humanity owes a great deal to the spiritual literature and poems written by Islamic writers and poets, such as Rumi and Hafez that are rooted from the holy Quran, the Sunna, and prophetic sayings. Additionally, Islamic art is now experiencing a new era in modern arts, including graphics, digital art and photography for which the “World Congress of Arts for Muhammad” aims to collect from participants in order to portray the beauties of Muhammad (pbuh), The Prophet of Mercy. Please visit our website for details on our most recent art competitions and events.