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Love Muhammad Virtual #RosesForPeace Campaign 2020

We are requesting all to volunteer to participate in the Love Muhammad 2020 Virtual Campaign. We would be excited to include you in our short video and we ask you to read the instructions below, so your short video clip matches the themes and style of the campaign video:

  1. As on an Eid Day, please wear nice, presentable and colourful clothes.
  2. Ask a friend to help you film this video.
  3. Mobile Camera should be around 2 meters away from you, showing you from head to feet.
  4. You will need one red rose for this video; it can be real or plastic, or maybe created by yourself if you feel creative.
  5. Face the mobile camera and take the red rose from the left side, from outside of the shot, bring the Red Rose close to your nose and smell it, smile and pass it to the right side of yourself again outside of the shot. 
  6. When your clip is being edited with others, it will look like you have taken the rose from someone else, smelled it and passed it to another person in another part of the world.
  7. Film your video clip in 1080p
  8. Please Film in portrait and NOT landscape.
  9. Please ONLY Send the files us via Telegram, (Telegram Username: @LoveMuhammad2020 please see the poster for the phone number)
    1. (Please note we do not use WhatsApp to receive files as the video will lose a high degree of its quality on WhatsApp).
  10. Please include your city and country when you send the video file using Telegram.

Thank you once again and inshallah once the video is completed you will be able to see it on our social media.

Facebook: @lovemuhammadpage

Twitter: @WeLoveMuhammad

Our Instagram pages:



WhatsApp: 00447729213207

Telegram: @LoveMuhammad2020

Reza John Vedadi

MA in Film Production & MA in Islamic Studies. Film and documentary director, producer a poet & writer based in London.


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