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Love Muhammad in conversation with Ahmad Ikhlas. – Love Muhammad

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Love Muhammad in conversation with Ahmad Ikhlas.

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In conversation with Ahmad Ikhlas. Poet & Reciter

Q. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about why you have gotten into singing?

A. I have always had a keen interest in poetry and song writing from an early age. I was inspired by reggae which I loved and I was particularly fascinating by the stories that were articulated in rhyme. I also noticed this made it easier to remember and recall the storyline. I was aware that this would enable the listener to appreciate the word play whilst absorbing and learning from the story and upon becoming a father I felt it was an amazing medium to explore.

Q. How are you inspired to use this art to talk about the Holy Prophet?

A. My faith alongside the stories and attributes of the Holy Prophet peace be upon his sublime character and nobility compels me to express my love and appreciation of him through this medium.

Q. What do you want to achieve with the singing?

A. Teaching my and all children about our Deen (religion) in a fun and engaging way. Adults are taught or reminded about stories relating to our religion and also given the opportunity to express themselves alongside me. Through my art form I want to make young Caribbean Muslims feel represented and their heritage acknowledged. It can also act as a form of Dawah (propagation) to non-Muslim Caribbean’s.

Q. What does the holy Prophet mean to you and your life?

A. To me the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is the embodiment of mercy and attempting to mirror his life by replicating his noble actions and deeds improves the quality of my life by making me a better Muslim.


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