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Leeds Christian & Muslim Ramadhan Interfaith Iftar Dinner – Love Muhammad

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Leeds Christian & Muslim Ramadhan Interfaith Iftar Dinner

admin May 5

LEEDS, UK – Love Muhammad in partnership with Leeds Muslim Youth Group and All Hallows’ Church held a first of two interfaith iftar dinners on the 18th of May at the All Hallows’ Church. The iftar was attended by various members of the community along with the Reverend Heston Groenewald from the All Hallows’ Church and Sheikh Muhammad Amin Evans from the Association of British Muslims.

The event was aimed at bringing together the two Abrahamic religions during one of the holiest months of the Islamic colander, the holy month of Ramadhan. During the month of Ramadhan, devoted Muslims fast by abstaining from food and water between the time of sunrise and sunset.

Let us remember that in many passages of the Bible Prophet Jesus (Pbuh) also took part in and encouraged the practice of fasting to seek closeness to God Almighty.

During this special month, Muslims reflect on their behaviour, their spiritual growth and community relationship. It is a month when the Holy Quran, the holy scripture of Muslims was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

At the gathering in All Hallows’ Church, Muslims and Christians gathered to learn about each other’s faith, break down barriers and explore ways were we share more in common and strive to better the community together.

One of the attendees commented:

“It was refreshing to have open and honest conversation with people in a warm, safe and comfortable environment. It allowed for understanding our numerous similarities and understanding how to come together in this fractured world”.

The key word is; understanding. And it is only through understanding about and learning from the various communities within British society that can help grow and foster warmer and stronger ties.

One of the organisers of the event was happy to point out;

“It was a great pleasure to bring together people of different faiths, cultures and traditions in the Holy month of Ramdhan to embrace the spirit of Unity and Love in God. It showed practically how people of different backgrounds can come together and embrace each other to celebrate and Love Muhammad (Pbuh)”.

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) has taught us to build ties and to create friendships that benefit the society at large, and it is through such initiatives and programs we are able to dispel misconceptions and to work together to overcome challenges and problems facing each community.

Reverend Groenewald concluded;

‘This was a very special meal and evening amongst neighbours from all walks of life and faith. We celebrated that we have #moreincommon, which allowed conversations to become friendships. And we confronted some of our differences in honesty and curiosity, which allowed vulnerability to become trust. As a result, we are closer friends than before – we can’t wait to do this again in a few weeks!’


Next unity iftar to be held on the 8th of June at the Ahlulbayt Centre, 35 Hanover Square, LS3 1BQ. 7.49pm. Visit Love Muhammad Facebook page for poster and registration details.

Pbuh – Peace be upon him




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