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Australian Muslim Youth – One Man One Love – Prophet Muhammad event

admin Jan 1

By Mahdi Hussain

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – On the 12th of November 2017, Australian Muslim Youth and the Love Muhammad (pbuh) Campaign organized an event celebrating the birth of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) called “One Man, One Love”. The event included guest speakers: Sheikh Jehad Ismail, Sheikh Hamid Waqqar, Steve Ezzedine and Ali Fadhil.

One of the guests of the event was so moved, Renda Alamili said,

“It was a great event, it was interactive, different to what we are used to. I felt a sort of connection and purpose from the speakers, especially Sheikh Hamid, I left the event filled with inspiration.”

The focus of this event is to form unity through the love of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Over 200 people attended this event and came together to celebrate the birth of the Prophet. The way this event was conducted was in the form of a magazine show where we had a series of speakers come up and be interviewed in front of an audience. The host Ali Fadhil did not only host the entire event but he performed anasheed and mawaleed for the audience of 200 in celebration of the birth of the Prophet and the audience could not be more thrilled.

Australia Muslim Youth is an organization based in Sydney Australia which are dedicated in bringing peace and unity within the Australian community. Australian Muslim Youth have run various events to bring and unity such as ‘The Annual Islamic Awareness Day which involves people giving out bottles and roses with quotes from the Prophet and holy Quran attached to them. This took place in the Sydney CBD to the wider Australian community as gesture of peace and unity.

The Love Muhammad campaign’s focus was similar to Australian Muslim Youth’s and their own event called #RosesForPeace was coherent to Islamic Awareness Day.

The One Man One Love event was a one of a kind event that has not been run before here in Sydney. The event included huge involvement from the audience such as running Kahoots quiz game, which is an online, live quiz activity and the questions were based round the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Almost everyone in the crowd participated in this activity, even our guest speakers were playing. There was a special tension in the room as who was going to win the quiz game.

The first guest speaker, Sheikh Hamid Waqqar talked about his journey in finding Islam and his search for truth.

Sheikh Jehad Ismail, discussed his journeys overseas and the interfaith activities that he has experienced.

Steve Ezzedine is an activist who travelled to and through Syria using his camera as a weapon for justice

Steve discussed some of his photos that were taken and described his motivation for justice with the motivation of the love of the Prophet.

The night was then concluded with some songs from Ali Fadhil. Ali Fadhil is a singer from the U.K. which has visited Sydney twice before to do events with Australian Muslim Youth. The people in Sydney are very familiar with Ali Fadhil and enjoy his performances.



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