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Spreading the love of our Prophet Muhammad and recognising his greatness!

admin Dec 12

By Mariam Ezzedine

LONDON, UK – On the 16th of December, the Lebanese Youth Foundation (LYF) organised an extraordinary event celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), who is regarded as the most influential figure in the religion of Islam. Leaving behind him guidance and hope for mankind, to aid them to strive to be best version of themselves they can hope to be. So, in the eyes of these believers, the least that can be done is to celebrate the birth of their respected prophet (PBUH) to emphasise their respect and admiration towards him.

The Oxford dictionaries define a prophet as ‘A person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God’ but to us as members of the LYF, his stature extends far beyond this definition; he is a symbol of mercy and wisdom, a key cause to the way in which we live our lives today. Hence, the goal of our event extends much further than to have a great time, but for the purpose of spreading the love of our prophet and recognising the greatness within him.

The event was hosted by the gifted Ali Fadhil, blessed with the heart-warming poetry of Abir Safa and voices of Sayed Jalal Maasomi and Ali Al-Hadi, and the LYF was delighted to have the inspiring Sheikh Ahmad Haneef give a few words at the event about his experience of finding the path to Islam. In addition, the event consisted of entertaining aspects such as a quiz and a raffle followed by food.

It’s absolutely astounding to sit back and look at the work and effort that went into organising this event, from the decoration to the food, to the logistics and any ‘behind the scene’ arrangements. The sanctity of the numerous, accumulative acts required to accomplish such an event is emphasised because of the pure intentions possessed by the volunteers responsible for this beautiful event. The beauty that shines from these particular events is in the reasons why they were organised and the kind of print you leave in people’s lives as a result!

To leave a print in an individual’s life is not easy, hence we are honoured to have received such valuable and motivational feedback! The LYF team lives off such prints and such positive feedback, it helps us to grow and flourish as an organisation, pushing us to help the community progress intellectually, spirituality and socially. We hope to achieve these aims through organising more social events, workshops and lectures in the future. Our aim is to have our events work like magnets, attracting and pulling the youth of society in because they want to attend, they want to learn and they want to have a good time!


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